Web Design VS Web Development

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As you have been in this online world, you must have heard of the words Web Design and Web Development. These words are mostly related to websites and it’s working. As you already know that, most of the businesses have now become online. Therefore, to make an online presence, a business needs to have a website. Hence, most of the businesses are now focusing on Web Design and Web Development.

But as you have heard about both the terms, you may wonder the difference between the two. In order to remove this confusion, we are here for you.

What do they actually mean?

Here, we will know the meaning of both web design and web development. After knowing the meaning, you will know the exact difference between the two terms.

Web Design

Web Design is everything that which includes the visual aesthetics and the usability of a website. The things that it focuses on are color scheme, information flow, layout and design. It also includes visual aspects of the User Interface and User Experience. Here are some of the common tools that distinguish the web designer from the web developer:

  1. Various designing software.
  2. Graphics designing.
  3. Logo designing.
  4. Layout or the format of the website.
  5. Placing any call-to-action buttons.
  6. Branding of the website.
  7. Wireframes, mock-ups and storyboards.
  8. Color palettes and Typography.

Web design is mainly concerned with what the user will see on its mobile and web browser. It is also less about the mechanisms beneath the website that makes it work. Nowadays, web designers also know HTML, CSS and JavaScript that enables them to make living mock-ups for better designing.

Web Development

Web Development involves all the codes that make the website clickable. Moreover, this section can be split into two sub-categories Front-end Web Development and Back-end Web Development. The front-end web development is the generation of the code that is responsible for determining how the website will display the designs that are mocked by the designer.

On the other hand, the back-end web development is responsible for managing the data and the database and then serving it to the front-end. The front-end developer only overlaps with the web designer. Some of the common tools for the front-end web development are:

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  2. CSS preprocessors
  3. Frameworks
  4. Libraries

It is the front-end web developer’s task to bring the mock-ups to life.

Know how both are familiar

Both the web design and web development can require a certain level of programming knowledge. Obviously, web development requires more programming knowledge. While in some cases, web design does not require to write a single line of code.

Furthermore, both of them can be similar because their goals are the same that is customer interaction. The web design looks for the design that the end user will see, and the web development will focus on how the end user will get things done. In the end, both of them make the internet a better place to visit.

So, this was the post on Web Design VS Web Development that you must know.

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