Using the reach of popular search engines giants such as the likes of Google or Bing to add fuel to your marketing campaign has been a very successful strategy for several years, therefore most of the marketers out there are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on some level. But as social media continues to grow into one of the top platforms to reach consumers and users, new approaches and trends to the digital marketing arena have emerged into the light.

The fine line between social media marketing and search engine marketing are becoming increasingly blurry as time goes on. In the past, the two were considered as two separate and distinct aspects of marketing. But in reality, they are more intertwined than you might think.

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is essentially growing your company’s online presence with the help of several social media platforms as a catalyst. Where some companies on the context of Social Media Optimisation tend to just set up just a profile on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be where their customers are, SMO is all about the strategic creation, building and maximization of your social media plan to connect with your target set of audience. SMO allows you to:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Get more visibility online
  • Connect with your audience

Why Choose Us?

As one of the top SMO Company in San Diego, we at Heiro Digital are committed to helping our clients to optimise their social media presence and acquire more the business in the process by utilizing these techniques:

  • Increase Traffic – By the optimization of your social media campaigns, we can help you to increase your overall direct traffic, organic search, and social supporters, therefore generating more business and making your business into an influencer.
  • Strengthening Authority – The more users feel comfortable and interact with your business, the more authoritative your business will look to the search engines, and this also, in turn, applies to your social media presence. We are here to craft captivating and shareable contents that will highlight you as an industry leader.
  • Establishing a Local Presence – It was found that people in San Diego and other major US cities are 70% more likely to purchase from a business they can find on the social network. We help you to build your presence on the right channels so that users and influencers can find, connect, and convert, no matter where they are.

How can Heiro Digital benefit your business?

At Heiro Digital we have determined and tested over the years, the complicated method of using the social media sites to your advantage, which will make sure about the growth and sustenance of your digital presence.

We are committed to establish and boost your overall digital presence in a way that will:

  • Attract more inbound traffic.
  • A reputable online authority of your brand
  • Regularly engaging with your consumers.

Being a reputed name as a leading SMO Company in San Diego, we understand that each marketing campaign requires a lot of hard work and the specific targeting of your audience through the right social media platforms.