Web Design VS Web Development

As you have been in this online world, you must have heard of the words Web Design and Web Development. These words are mostly related to websites and it’s working. As you already know that, most of the businesses have now become online. Therefore, to make an online presence, a business needs to have a website. Hence, most of the businesses are now focusing on Web Design and Web Development.

But as you have heard about both the terms, you may wonder the difference between the two. In order to remove this confusion, we are here for you.

What do they actually mean?

Here, we will know the meaning of both web design and web development. After knowing the meaning, you will know the exact difference between the two terms.

Web Design

Web Design is everything that which includes the visual aesthetics and the usability of a website. The things that it focuses on are color scheme, information flow, layout and design. It also includes visual aspects of the User Interface and User Experience. Here are some of the common tools that distinguish the web designer from the web developer:

  1. Various designing software.
  2. Graphics designing.
  3. Logo designing.
  4. Layout or the format of the website.
  5. Placing any call-to-action buttons.
  6. Branding of the website.
  7. Wireframes, mock-ups and storyboards.
  8. Color palettes and Typography.

Web design is mainly concerned with what the user will see on its mobile and web browser. It is also less about the mechanisms beneath the website that makes it work. Nowadays, web designers also know HTML, CSS and JavaScript that enables them to make living mock-ups for better designing.

Web Development

Web Development involves all the codes that make the website clickable. Moreover, this section can be split into two sub-categories Front-end Web Development and Back-end Web Development. The front-end web development is the generation of the code that is responsible for determining how the website will display the designs that are mocked by the designer.

On the other hand, the back-end web development is responsible for managing the data and the database and then serving it to the front-end. The front-end developer only overlaps with the web designer. Some of the common tools for the front-end web development are:

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  2. CSS preprocessors
  3. Frameworks
  4. Libraries

It is the front-end web developer’s task to bring the mock-ups to life.

Know how both are familiar

Both the web design and web development can require a certain level of programming knowledge. Obviously, web development requires more programming knowledge. While in some cases, web design does not require to write a single line of code.

Furthermore, both of them can be similar because their goals are the same that is customer interaction. The web design looks for the design that the end user will see, and the web development will focus on how the end user will get things done. In the end, both of them make the internet a better place to visit.

So, this was the post on Web Design VS Web Development that you must know.

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How SEO can work for small businesses

No matter how big or small a business is everything is online. From providing services to delivering products you can browse them on the internet and get them at your doorstep. Now, you may wonder how does these website work in the search engine. The answer for this mystery is SEO.

All online businesses, small or big, use SEO to rank their website on the search engines. This SEO can be very helpful mostly for the small business which may or may not have any online presence. So, here we will tell you that how the SEO services can work for small business establishments. But, before that you need to know what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that uses several techniques to rank the website on a search engine. These SEO services have proved to be most effective in ranking websites. SEO also involves making necessary changes in a website to rank according to the search engines’ algorithms.

The more SEO-friendly and attractive a website is, the higher the chances is for the website to rank in the higher order on the search engine. SEO is very complex process, but when mastered can easily achieve the job.

What factors affects the working of the SEO?

As you have known what is SEO and its working, now let us know the factors that can affect the SEO. The factors may include as:

Content Marketing

Content is very important in any website, which wants to survive in this competitive online war. Content is effective in attracting both the search engine and the customers. Providing more quality and relevant content on your website can help your website to rank in higher positions. Therefore, small businesses with such practices can easily acquire the top position.

Content relating to most searched keywords and phrases can be effective in ranking a website. People mostly use keywords and according to that search engines shows relevant website that has the same keyword or phrase.

On-page SEO

The On-page SEO are the factors that or the elements that happen on the website. You have a complete control on such factors and by following new practices you can improve your ranking game. While you perform the on-page SEO make sure that you do not over-optimize the content as this can lead to search engines penalizing your website.

Off-page SEO

In addition to the On-page SEO, Off-page SEO also helps to improve your rankings. Though, you do not have any direct control over the Off-page factors, but still you can improve the chances of these factors. First of all, trust is important both for the visitors and search engines. If you establish trust with your customers then the search engine will also trust you. Thus, your website will rank.

This trust can be build by creating quality and relevant content. You can attach social media likes and shares to build more trust. If there are more likes and shares then the chances of higher ranking also increases.

So, this is how the SEO can influence the small businesses to rank higher in the search engines.

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Your ultimate Guide to Develop a digital marketing plan

Benefits of digital marketing


In the age of satellites and the digital renaissance, digital marketing is benefiting businesses of all scales and sizes by giving mainstream access to the mass at a very affordable price. Unlike TV advertising or print advertising, digital marketing allows for a true personalised marketing.

The main advantage of any digital marketing campaign is that a targeted audience can be reached in a super cost-effective and quantifiable way. Other advantage of a digital marketing campaign includes increasing your brand loyalty and driving online sales towards your products.


Here are few of the benefits of digital marketing:


  • A global reach – a website and a concrete online presence will allow you to find new markets and trade globally with only a small amount investment.
  • Lower cost – a properly thought out and effectively targeted digital marketing campaign has the ability to reach out to the right customers at a much lower cost than your age old traditional marketing methods.
  • Trackable, measurable results –It is very important that you keep a measure your online marketing outcomes with the help of web analytics and other online tools. This makes it way easier to establish on how effective your marketing campaign has been. You can obtain detailed information with the help of these tools on how your users and customers use your website or respond to a particular advertising. Such tools of web analytics can be set up to show exactly how much money you are making from each of your digital marketing tactic.
  • Personalisation – When your customer database is linked to your website, then whenever someone is visiting the site, you can greet them with specific targeted offers. The more they are buying from you, the more you will be able to refine your customer profile and market to them effectively.
  • Openness –With a proper involvement with any social media platformand managing it carefully, you will be able to build a customer loyalty and create a longstanding reputation for being easy to engage with.
  • Social currency – digital marketing enables you to create engaging marketing campaigns using different types of rich media content. On the internet these marketing campaigns can help you in gaining a social currency – being passed from user to user and ultimately becoming viral.



As, all of these aspects of digital marketing come together, they have the potential to add up to more sales figures.

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Understanding your Audience

It is very important to understand the journey of the buyer and what you will be needing in order to present them with at each stage of the process to more effectively reach and convert users. You can find so many detailed options when it comes to reviewing your buyer analytics. You will be able to see each step that a visitor takes throughout the journey of your website, how much time they tend to spend on each page, and even what pages are causing them to possibly leave. With the use of this information to cater to your digital marketing so that you can make the process simple for your audience, which can be extremely beneficial for you.

Know Your Target Audience

The most important aspect of marketing in any field is having a good grasp on who your audience and users are, and how to best reach to them is critical. You will need to know who you are targeting to be your buyers before you try to any marketing techniques on them. This is the most important step in any marketing strategy campaign whether it be online or offline, and it is a clearly defined aspect of your brand that you can always come back and keep referring to.

Connect Social Media Metrics With ROI

To see which of your efforts are working best for your business, you will also need to be able to tie your data back to the direct result it has been producing. When you are marketing online, you are reaching to a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and tastes, and that needs to be taken into consideration when you are measuring your results. You also will need to look at what is promoting engagement with your company, versus what is actually driving the actual conversion stats.

Integrate All Marketing Channels

To reach your audience and users effectively, you need to have a consistent form of communication with them. This makes sure that your ads are integrated across various online platforms and greeting users with the same message, regardless of the platform they are engaged on. Everyone knows that each social media platform has a different vibe and feel to it, so you need to take enough time to make sure that your digital marketing efforts match with each site, while still maintaining a unique yet consistent voice for your brand.

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Digital Advertising Essentials

Digital marketing and advertising has become a major player of the modern day marketing strategies-and if you do not make it a part of your core business strategy, you should be thinking otherwise. Whether your business is a B2B model or a B2C model, by the correct implementation of digital advertisements, you will be able to successfully grow your online presence, and ultimately create more conversions and sales. Now more than ever, digital advertisements have enabled companies to gain more visibility throughout the specific niche with a much wider audience. However, if your ads aren’t well thought out or not well targeted, you most likely won’t get the outcome you were looking for.

Let’s take a deep look into these tactics, and see if the integration of them into your own marketing strategy is necessary and how it can help your company get the digital advertising results you’re looking for:

Creative Elements

Your business must contain unique visual elements that make it stand out from the crowd. Use this to your advantage in your marketing efforts. Whether it is just a simple logo, mascot, font, or a specific colour scheme, having these little things included can help make your brand recognizable. If you are looking to catch the eye of your audience, but you also want to maintain their attention and have them to remember your brand for a long time.

Spend Wisely

Each online platform that is used to market your online presence, provides you with a different value. It is very important to analyse which outlets or platforms you should invest more of your time and money into, and which ones are not as effective toward your business. It is seen that some platforms that work really well for one particular business, yields little to no results for another type. It all depends on your brand and the nature of your business, and you will need to plan your budget according to your needs.

Do Your Research

You may be having your own ideas for what is going to work best for your audience and brand based on your past experience with your online ads, but remember to take enough time to conduct a thorough research and have proper and verifiable data to support your actions is important. You may also need to anticipate that your customers will behave a certain way, when in reality they tend to take a completely different direction. It’s essential for you to be prepared for this ahead of time and use all the collected information from research to plan your marketing strategy.

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